Perseverance Poetry

We were challenged to find a Scripture verse or passage about perseverance and then to write poetry about perseverance based on that passage. Here are some of our efforts.

This We Know

Romans 8

We know that in Christ there is no condemnation,
So we pour out our lives as a living oblation
To the one who achieved reconciliation 
For every people, tribe, tongue and nation.

We know that from Christ none can separate us,
Though the world may revile, calumnize, and hate us.
That no height or depth can faze us is clear,
So we hope in the Lamb and we persevere.


The Hope  

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

The apostle Paul encouraged us to run the race, 
Not only to run, but to keep up the pace,
So that we could achieve the imperishable prize,
For by your endurance you will gain your lives,
Be patient in tribulation, encourage others to cope, 
Be constant in prayer and rejoice in the Hope.
For it is not about us, the trials, or the pain, 
For if we endure, we will with Jesus reign.


Believe and Enter In 

Hebrews 3:1-19

Jesus is our Great High Priest, full of glory unsurpassed.
The creator of all the worlds by His power He holds them fast.
Jesus is God’s faithful Son and He keeps all who live in Him.
And he will keep you safe and secure if you hold fast until the end!

Hard were the hearts of the nation of God as Israel turned from His face.
In rebellion they left to seek other gods, a pathetic and bitter disgrace.
The Spirit now speaks to those who will hear, “Stand firm and do not fall away.”
For you share in Christ and your life is in Him. He will keep you safe till that day!

Enter into my Rest, Believe and enter in.
The way is secure. Salvation is sure.
Jesus Christ is holding you fast.

Now press on to claim the prize through the strength which God supplies.
The loving embrace of an Almighty God will carry you up to the skies!
As you stand in the presence of Christ on that day and hear Him say, “Well done.”
We will join in the chorus of reconciled saints saying, “Through Christ our salvation has come!”

Enter into my Rest, Believe and enter in.
The way is secure. Salvation is sure.
Jesus Christ is holding you fast.


Well Done

Romans 8:35-39

I am thankful for your love and that you have bought me
For your giving of your life upon the tree.
I am glad nothing will separate me from your love,
Oh Lord, I long to be with you above.
But as I am here on earth to do your will,
Lord may I for your sake be willing to be killed
Being a light to all who look,
That they may see that you have took
On yourself my sin and shame,
O God, please help me proclaim your name.
May I be bold to all I see,
Caring not for these worldly pleas.
Help me to obey your Word
In all I do may I honor you, Lord,
May my life for you I live,
Holy Father all to you I give.
And when I meet you at the end,
My I hear from you my Lord and Friend,
To know that I have truly won,
“Well done, my faithful servant.”


After You Received the Light

Hebrews 10:32-36

Remember the days after you received the light
You persevered even when they came to fight
They beat you and hated you and caused you to be shamed
Yet, you stood firm and protected others who were blamed
When they took away your things, you didn't even care
You knew you had better and lasting possessions up there
So don't be struck down and discouraged and wan
You must persevere, take heart, and hold on
When you have done God's will in His Strength and power
You'll received what He's promised in His Day and hour


To Be Free From Sin’s Oppression. 

John 15:4-7

My fear is a persuading thing,
My joy can’t rise above.
I find myself stuck, listening
To a negative, an anti-love.
My life’s a mess of stock-sins
The same old congregation
Worshiping deep within my skin
A rag-tag compellation
Of the same old things I’ve struggled with
Since before my life began.
I look to the sky, to see my father’s face
And become a better man.
I’m dragging my feet behind me
My eyes are locked but I can’t see.
There’s a yearning deep inside of me
To be free from sin’s oppression.
There’s a place of refuge from the fight,
There’s a Man to comfort me
I will not sway, not left, nor right
From the scriptures given me.
If I follow all of His commands
The weight of sin will scatter.
I can ask what I will and He’ll give it to me
With no exception, my sins won’t matter.
So I’m dragging my feet behind me
My eyes are locked but I can’t see.
However, I will continue on the path laid for me
To be free from sin’s oppression.

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