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Topics for 03/10

Sunday we discussed "What to Expect When You're Expecting...Something Else." Certain emotions and thoughts are predictable when life changes suddenly. 

  1. You should expect to feel lost.
  2. You should expect to feel cut off.
  3.  You should expect to feel overwhelmed (this is too much).
  4. You should expect to experience extreme disappointment.
  5. You should expect to be angry.
  6. You should expect to be unsure what to do.

We discussed that though the Bible is prescriptive (the answer to our problems), often especially right after a life shakeup, it is most helpful as a reminder that believers through history have faced tough times and made it through with God's help.

1. Choose a Bible character who went through a rough time and could have been encouraged by another Bible character's story.  (challenge--try to make it chronologically accurate-- i.e. Adam couldn't have been encouraged by the life of Peter).

2. Share a real life example of when you were encouraged by a biblical story of a believer who made it through a trial. 

3. Be prepared to workshop an encouraging Bible story you can send to a loved one.

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