Topics for 04-02-2019

On Sunday we focused on the ten speeches from a father in Proverbs 1-9.  Each of these speeches invites and pleads with us to see the value of wisdom for the Christian.

  1. Wisdom is making the truth of God's Word work in life.  We talked about the role of wisdom in connecting the principles of God's Word to the way we live our lives.  What is a way that you have had to use wisdom to decide the best course of action in a situation where there wasn't a direct command from the Bible?
  2. We also spoke briefly about the dangers of treating our application of God's Word as on par with the principles that it teaches.  What are some of those dangers?
  3. Proverbs as a book and especially chapters 1-9 speaks at great length about wisdom.  What is another passage that helps to inform our knowledge about what wisdom is, its value, or how to obtain it?