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Topics for 02/26/19

Psalm 105

  • David uses a song to memorialize great people/events from the history of God's people.
    • When else in Scripture is a song used to memorialize the work God had done?
    • In our culture what songs have been used to tell our history?
  • Verse 4 says to seek God's presence continually (that seems understandable), but it also says to seeks His strength. What does that mean, and how does a believer go about that?

Psalm 106

  • Verse 45 says that God remembered His covenant and relented... What, if anything, does this tell us about God and His emotions/personality?


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Topics for 2/19/2019

Psalm 90 describes God as our eternal dwelling place and reminds us that He existed before the world began and will continue to exist long after this world is gone.  Moses contrasts this image of God's eternality with our brief existence on the earth.  He reminds us of our mortality and encourages us to pray for wisdom in using our measured days wisely.

  1. Find another passage of Scripture where someone is confronted with their own mortality.  What were the circumstances? Was there a specific characteristic of God that was emphasized?
  2. From a practical perspective, what steps do you take to have "eternity stamped on your eyeballs"?

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Topics for 2/5/2019

Psalm 72 is a Messianic Psalm that uses a prayer originally offered by (or for) Solomon to look forward to what Messiah's kingdom will be like.

  1. The Psalm states that Messiah's kingdom will be ruled by Righteousness and Justice.  How does this change the way that we view our personal and professional relationships?
  2. We spent a good deal of time on Sunday discussing how the Psalm portrays Messiah's perspective on caring for the oppressed and marginalized.  Can you come up with a concrete opportunity that either your family or the church body could participate in to care for the needy and/or fight for those who cannot fight for themselves?
    Note: We want this to be more than just a theoretical exercise.  We would like to pursue some of these opportunities either individually or corporately.

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