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Topics for 11/19

Sunday we studied 2 Timothy 1:6-7. Paul addressed Timothy's anxiety and how it was affecting his ministry.

Anxiety can gridlock you into inactivity or speed you up so you make bad/hasty decisions.

  • Find a Bible character who was affected by fear/anxiety. 

1. Did anxiety paralyze your character or speed them up?

 2. Did the anxiety destroy them, or were they delivered?

 3. If your character was delivered, what made the difference?

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Topics for 11/05

  On Sunday we wrapped up the book of 1 Timothy by studying 6:20-21. Paul told Timothy to guard what had been entrusted to him. What are some things which have been entrusted to us?


   Let's review what we learned. Be prepared to share what you found helpful about this study in 1 Timothy.

 -What had you never considered before?

 -What had you never even heard of?

 -What did you change your mind about? 

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