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Topics for 9/25/18

We studied Romans 15:8-13 on Sunday.

1. A big part of Jesus' ministry was to show the truthfulness of God. Lists are the top 3 most truthful people (who aren't Jesus) or the top 3 least truthful people in the Bible.

2. We saw that the power of the Holy Spirit is what enables our hope. What else does the Bible have to say about the power of the Holy Spirit?  

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Topics for 09/18/2018

Please read our passage from Sunday and think about the following questions:

  1. Paul says that our unity as a body is part of our declaring the glory of God.  How do you define the glory of God?
  2. Paul gives us 3 reasons that the Scriptures were written (Instruction, Endurance/Encouragement, Hope).  What other purposes does the Bible say that it serves?  Or what other passages support these 3 purposes?

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Topics for 09/11/18

Please review Sunday's passage--Romans 14:13-23

1. Give an example of when you were the "weaker brother" and another believer changed their behavior to be kind to you/keep you from stumbling.

2. Verse 19 says to pursue what makes for "mutual upbuiding." What else does Scripture say about this, and what are our specific responsibilities to other believers?

3. Verse 22 says to keep the faith you have between you and God? Why? What are the implications of this command?

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