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Topics for 07/31/18

Reflect on this passage and be prepared to discuss this topic. 

Romans 12:14-17

Jesus on the cross is the ultimate example of overcoming evil with good. Come up with another Biblical example of someone who could have retaliated but instead did what was honorable (v.17) and as far as it was up to them, lived in peace (v.18).

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Topics for 07/17/2018

Romans 12:12 "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulationbe constant in prayer."

Sunday we discussed a three step process (based on the three phrases in the above verse) for handling life's difficult situations. Here are the takeaways:

  1. Take comfort in your options.
    • A positive attitude goes a long way.
    • True dead ends are fairly rare.
  2. Slow down and take stock of your situation.
    • Occasionally you have to make an instant decision, but that is generally the exception.
    • Often your “trial” is not as bad as it seemed…if it is, you still will be better served to understand more fully.
  3. Prayer is powerful.
    • It moves the heart of God.
    • It forces us to consider our problems in depth (meditation).
    • It aligns our minds and emotions with God’s Word.

Following are three scenarios. Think through one or more of these and write down your reponses--from initial reaction to (by God's grace, hopefully) your ultimate conclusion. Make it personal and specific to you.

  1. Your best friend at work pulls you aside and tells you he overheard a conversation between two execs. He says, "There is going to be a major round of layoffs...our whole department is going to get axed."

  2. You have been building a relationship with one of your neighbors for more than a year. You decide to take a chance and share the gospel. She rolls her eyes and says, "I was worried you might do this...I hated when my parents used to drag me to church." Now, every interaction is awkward, and you fear your friendship is ruined.

  3. You fall off a horse on the trailride your friend/sibling/spouse dragged you on. You significantly injure your back, and the rehab is going to be long and painful.

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Study Questions for 7/10/2018

On Sunday we talked about our motivation and effort as Christians to accomplish the work that God has given us.  Our text warned us not to lag behind in our earnest effort, but to serve fervently because we are serving Christ.

  1. What are some reasons that would cause our zeal to be lazy (lag behind)?
  2. What do we do when we see what God has called us to do, but we feel emotionally distant from it?  How are we supposed to be fervent (boiling) in spirit when we just don't feel it?
  3. Why is our fear of man such a debilitating foe to serving God?

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