Study Questions for 5/15/2018

For Small Group this week, please read our passage from Sunday and spend some time thinking about these questions:

  1. Paul uses no fewer than 7 Old Testament citations in our passage.  Choose one and examine the OT context.  How does an understanding of the context help us understand what Paul is teaching in our passage?
  2. Paul contrasts 2 "types" of righteousness (based on lawkeeping & based on faith in Christ).  Even though we have our righteousness in the work of Christ, our hearts are still prone to lean towards finding our value in our great lawkeeping.  What is one (or more) way that you struggle with thinking you have merited God's favor by keeping the rules?
  3. We spoke briefly about the "riches [Christ bestows] on all who call on him" in v. 12.  What is one example of the spiritual riches that are ours in Christ?
  4. BONUS: How does v. 13 contribute to our understanding of the diety of Christ? Hint, if you want one.