Study Questions for 4/3/2018

Our service on Sunday was themed around "The Sacrifice of the Messiah" and "I Have Seen The Lord!"

Jesus' resurrection does not stand alone as an event apart from his life and death. His mission to redeem us was fulfilled by his life, death, and resurrection all working together. Even coming to earth and becoming a human was, in itself, a sacrifice for Jesus, not to mention his work on the cross.

  • How does the knowledge that Jesus experienced humanity and its struggles provide inspiration and encouragement for your daily life? (Narrative examples from Jesus' life would be good discussion points here.)

The people who saw Jesus after his resurrection were profoundly impacted by the experience.

  • Which is your favorite post-resurrection encounter, and why?
  • We sang that "the same power that raised Jesus from the grave lives in us." How does the power of Jesus resurrection enable you to live for Christ?