Topics for 12/11/2018

Despite not mentioning the name of God, the fingerprints of His activity are all over the events of the book of Esther.  The author invites us to uncover God's plan in preserving His people as the story unfolds.  God also chooses not to work through miraculous means instead operating in the relatively mundane events of political intrigue and bureaucratic affairs to accomplish His purposes.

  1. Recall a story from your past where the events seemed innocuous in the moment, but hindsight revealed that God was at work?  How does examining these events change the way you think about your future?
  2. There are no shining examples of virtue and piety in the story of Esther.  In fact, there is a lot of drunkenness, sex, and violence in the story.  If someone were to question: "How can God be orchestrating events like this?" How would you respond?
  3. The Bible records a great number of miracles (special acts of God that occur outside the general laws of creation).  Can you think of a story in the Bible that records God's accomplishing His will through non-miraculous means?