Topics for 11/20/2018

On Sunday we covered the book of 2 Kings which tells us the story of the fall of the nation of Israel.  With rare bright spots, the kings of both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms persisted in idolatry and covenant unfaithfulness.  The book concludes with both nations in exile suffering the consequences of their wickedness.

We looked more specifically at several other areas of instruction from 2 Kings.  For further study:

  1. The Destructive Nature of Sin - sin is not satisfied until it has all of you, and the deception that you can control sin's influence or mitigate its consequences is one of the enemy's greatest weapons.  We talked about the importance of targeting specific sins as opposed to generally "fighting sin".  What are some practices or principles from Scripture that you have found to be effective in your effort to combat sin in your life?
  2. Identity - the nation of Israel lost sight of who they were--God's special possession.  What is a passage of Scripture that you use to remind yourself of who you are in Christ?
  3. Hope - There is only a small glimmer of hope provided in this book.  What is a passage of scripture that gives you hope for the future?