Topics for 11/12/2018

On Sunday we talked about the major theme of the book of 1 Kings -- Spiritual Decline.  Through the line (eventually lines) of kings, we saw a pattern of disobedience, covenant unfaithfulness, and idolatry.  

  1. Chose another biblical character that exemplifies one or more of the principles concerning spiritual decline that we discussed on Sunday.
    • Spiritual decline can start in surprising places (Solomon)
    • Spiritual decline can have different appearances (Rehoboam & Jeroboam)
    • Spiritual decline is not linear (Asa)
    • Spiritual decline Is not a private matter (The Northern Kings)
    • God does not abandon those who forsake Him (The Prophets)
    • Spiritual Decline ends in either repentance or judgement
  2. What is your favorite story or character from the book of 1 Kings and what can we learn from them?