Topics for 10/30/2018

Since it is likely that you will not have time to read the entirety of 1 Samuel before Tuesday, spend some time flipping through the book with these ideas in mind:

We spoke about the following major characters and their descriptions:

  • Samuel:  Hear,  Speak,  Obey  God’s  Word  
  • Saul:  Impressive  man  that  was  too  impressed  with  himself.  
  • David:  Unimpressive  man  that  was  impressed  with  God  
  • God:  The  King  we  really  need. 

Find a story from 1 Samuel that further illustrates these descriptions or adds to them.

In the same vein, from this list of minor characters and their descriptions, select a character and prepare to relay a story to the group about their character:

  • Hannah: the  "drunken"  prayer  warrior  that  God  heard.  
  • Eli: the  priest/judge  who  went  1  for  3  on  sons  
  • Hophni  and  Phineas: the  good-for-nothing  sons  of  Eli  
  • Abagail: the  shrewd  intelligent  woman  that  Nabal  didn’t  deserve  
  • Goliath: the  proud  warrior  that  God  defeated  
  • Abner: general  for  Saul  and  converted  general  for  David  
  • Jonathan: the  best  friend  and  bad-to-the-bone  warrior  
  • David’s  Men: a  loyal  (mostly)  band  of  warriors  that  follow  David