Study Questions for 10/2/2018

Just a reminder that small group will be at Pastor Chris' house on Tuesday instead of at the church building.  Please reach out if you need directions.

For our study this week we will focus on two areas of emphasis from our message on Sunday.  Please read our text from Sunday and prepare for the following discussion points.

  1. Paul described his perception of the people in the church at Rome as those who are "full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another."  Let's take this opportunity to instruct each other.  Prepare a brief discussion (1 or 2 minutes) of something that God has been teaching you through our study in Romans or your own personal study that you can present to help instruct us.
  2. Paul gave us a synopsis of his ambition to preach the gospel in places where no one had heard and supported it with scripture.  What is your ambition? Where do you find support for this in Scripture?