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Topics for 10/30/2018

Since it is likely that you will not have time to read the entirety of 1 Samuel before Tuesday, spend some time flipping through the book with these ideas in mind:

We spoke about the following major characters and their descriptions:

  • Samuel:  Hear,  Speak,  Obey  God’s  Word  
  • Saul:  Impressive  man  that  was  too  impressed  with  himself.  
  • David:  Unimpressive  man  that  was  impressed  with  God  
  • God:  The  King  we  really  need. 

Find a story from 1 Samuel that further illustrates these descriptions or adds to them.

In the same vein, from this list of minor characters and their descriptions, select a character and prepare to relay a story to the group about their character:

  • Hannah: the  "drunken"  prayer  warrior  that  God  heard.  
  • Eli: the  priest/judge  who  went  1  for  3  on  sons  
  • Hophni  and  Phineas: the  good-for-nothing  sons  of  Eli  
  • Abagail: the  shrewd  intelligent  woman  that  Nabal  didn’t  deserve  
  • Goliath: the  proud  warrior  that  God  defeated  
  • Abner: general  for  Saul  and  converted  general  for  David  
  • Jonathan: the  best  friend  and  bad-to-the-bone  warrior  
  • David’s  Men: a  loyal  (mostly)  band  of  warriors  that  follow  David 

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Topics for 10/23/18

We examined 3 doxologies on Sunday. These exclamations of praise to God for His goodness remind us of who God is and why we should worship Him:

Find other doxologies (typically at the very beginning or the very end of a book of the Bible). 

  • List 2-3 things we learn about God from these expressions of praise.
  • [Extra Credit] Compare your doxology to the one in Romans 16 and find parallels with the three ways that God strengthens us:
    • Through the gospel/preaching
    • Through the mystery revealed
    • Through the command of God   

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Topics for 10/09/18

Romans 15:22-33

  • On Sunday we talked about Paul's organizational excellence. Who else in Scripture exemplified spiritual greatness through operational excellence?
  • We talked about the intersection of material and spiritual matters. Do you agree that they are inter-related? If not, why? Provide Scripture for why or why not. 

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Study Questions for 10/2/2018

Just a reminder that small group will be at Pastor Chris' house on Tuesday instead of at the church building.  Please reach out if you need directions.

For our study this week we will focus on two areas of emphasis from our message on Sunday.  Please read our text from Sunday and prepare for the following discussion points.

  1. Paul described his perception of the people in the church at Rome as those who are "full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another."  Let's take this opportunity to instruct each other.  Prepare a brief discussion (1 or 2 minutes) of something that God has been teaching you through our study in Romans or your own personal study that you can present to help instruct us.
  2. Paul gave us a synopsis of his ambition to preach the gospel in places where no one had heard and supported it with scripture.  What is your ambition? Where do you find support for this in Scripture?

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