Study Questions for 9/21/2017

Please read Romans 2:12-16 and consider the following questions:
  • We discussed two options for the identification of the "doers of the law" in v.13: 
    • The Hypothetical Doer of the Law - the person who is able perfectly to keep the entire law and thus obtain justification by lawkeeping.  Because of our fallen nature and sinful heart, this standard is impossible to achieve.
    • The Imperfect Doer of the Law - the person who demonstrates their new life in Christ by loving the law of God and striving to honor God with how they live.  Such lawkeeping is inherently imperfect and must rely on God's grace and forgiveness.

Part of the struggle with determining Paul's meaning in this passage is that both definitions are supported by other passages in the Bible.  Find a supporting passage for both the Hypothetical Doer and the Imperfect Doer and be prepared to share any thoughts about which interpretation should be preferred.

  • We talked at some length about the reality that God has created each human soul with an innate understanding of right and wrong imprinted upon it (His moral law; think The Ten Commandments).  What are some of the implications this has on how we interact with other people?