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study questions for 08/29/17

Please read the passage and be prepared to discuss the topics.

Romans 1:28-31

From this list of behaviors which are the natural outflow of not acknowledging God, choose one and be prepared to share the following:  1) What else does the Bible say about it? 2) Is there a story where you can see this behavior and the consequences of it? How should we treat an unbeliever exhibiting this behavior, and how should we treat a professing believer who does the same?

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study questions for 08/15/17

Please read the passage and be prepared to discuss the topics. 

Romans 1:16-17


1. The gospel is the power of God to all believers... "to the Jew first and also to the Greek." Is this 

a) of historical description of how the gospel spread

b) the plan for how it was supposed to go

c) if (b) is correct, is that still true for today?

2. Name a Bible story which depicts the righteousness of God being revealed from faith for faith.

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Study Questions for 8/8/2017

Please read Romans 1:8-15 and answer the following questions for our study.

  1. We talked on Sunday about the importance of mutual encouragement between believers.  
    • What is another passage that discusses our need for mutual encouragement?  
    • List some of the various forms this encouragement can take.
    • Why is it so hard for us to engage in these types of relationships?
  2. Why did God prevent Paul from going to Rome?
  3. In verses 14-15, Paul lays out his obligation to share the gospel with others.  What are some reasons that we do not feel the same sense of obligation?

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