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Study Questions for 7/25/2017

The Christian Community at Rome was made up of a mix of Jews and Gentiles.  

  1. List a few potential problems that this ethnic divide would bring to a church family.  
  2. Briefly describe a current situation that would present a similar problem.  
  3. List several relevant passages that give us instruction on how to deal with divisions in the church.
  4. How will a better understanding of the gospel message (the theme of Romans) help the church at Rome heal its divisions.

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Study Questions for 07/18/2017

Please be prepared to discuss the following topics.

Ruth 4 was focused on the topic of redemption--who would redeem Naomi and Ruth?

  • Which Old Testament book most focuses on God as the Redeemer of His people?
  • We studied Titus 2:11-14 Sunday. Draw parallels between OT passages of God as the Redeemer and what we see about Jesus as a Redeemer in this passage.

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