Study Questions for 06/27/2017

  1. We discussed Naomi's reaction to the famine, and the deaths of her husband and 2 sons.  In no uncertain terms, Naomi accused God of dealing with her in an unkind way.  Find another Bible character that came to the same point of spiritual crisis that Naomi did.  Describe their situation and how they dealt with it.
  2. We briefly examined the lyrics of William Cowper's hymn God Moves In A Mysterious Way.  Find another hymn or poem that deals with the idea of God's sovereign control over the course of our lives.
  3. We discussed Boaz as both a type of Christ and the Kinsman Redeemer.  We looked at 1 Peter 1:18-20 and how Jesus is described as redeeming us with his blood.  The concept of redeeming (buying back) something for money makes sense.  But how is it possible that Jesus could buy us with his blood?