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Topics for 05/23

1. Think of a Bible story where a character could have avoided calamity if he/she had utilized the flowchart below.

2. (WARNING! You may be required to live out James 5:16) What is an area where you do not consistently live out the chart? How do you struggle? How can we pray for you? 



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Study Topics for 5/16

Please read the passage, do the project, and be prepared to discuss your answers.

Philippians 4:3-7

Your Joy Is Rooted in Your Knowledge of God

  • Choose 2-3 facts about God (stories, characteristics, truths) and demonstrate them from Scripture.  Then briefly sketch out how this knowledge of God allows you to trust Him more and bring you greater joy.

Don't Be Anxious

  • Give a biblical example of someone who chose prayer over worry.

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