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Topics for 3/21

Please read the passages and be prepared to discuss the topics.

Philippians 2:19-24

  • Paul wrote this passage as a summation of Timothy's commitment to the gospel and value to Paul’s ministry.  Chose another Bible character and write a similar summary.

  • Paul describes his relationship with TImothy as a Father-Son bond in the gospel.  Find another such relationship in the Bible and write how their relationship served to further their ministry.

  • Paul writes how Timothy was genuinely concerned for the well being of other believers.  Find another passage in Scripture that talks about this kind of selfless attitude.

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Topics for 03/14

Please read "Can Christianity Be Saved" by Ted Dekker. (It is a promotion for a new book--about a 4 minute read)


Now, read our passage from Sunday--Philippians 2:14-18.


-Be prepared to discuss this first in light of the second. 

-Philosophically, how do the two differ, and how are they similar?

-Do you think Dekker is on to something good?

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