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Carols, Thanks, and Prayer 12/26/2017

Before we put the Christmas carols away for another year (although… no guarantees we won’t sing one or two in July!), we wanted to give you one last chance to sing your favorite again (or to sing it for the first time if Pastor Joe never put it on the docket). Also, we wanted to give you an opportunity to get rid of those last 6 stubborn cookies in order to start off your New Year’s resolutions right.

Come join us for a time of thanks, of looking forward to God’s care for us in 2018, and in rejoicing one more time in the Incarnation of our Savior.

Feel free to bring a goodie or two to share if you have it laying around. Don’t feel the need to feed everyone or buy/make anything new. Leftovers only! J Now is your golden opportunity to get rid of that fruitcake (several of your pastors actually really like it…)! We look forward to seeing you!

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Study Questions for 12/19/2017

Please read the passage from Sunday (Romans 5:12-14) and be prepared to discuss the following topics and questions:

  1. In your own words, define the concept of Inherited Sin (Original Sin).
  2. How does the doctrine of Inherited Sin change the way that you look at the world around you?
  3. Our passage identifies Adam as a type of Christ.  In what ways is Adam a type of Christ?
  4. Select another Bible Character or Story that is a type of Christ and/or His work in salvation and describe the typology of the story or character.

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Study Questions for 12/3/2017

Read our passage from Sunday and be prepared to discuss the following questions:

  1. How does the admonition in verse 5 to "rejoice in trouble" relate to verses 1 & 2?
  2. Verse 5 states that God's love is poured out in our hearts through the work of the Holy Spirit.  The Bible talks about several roles that the Holy Spirit plays in the life of a believer.  Choose one of these roles and select one or more passages of Scripture to support it.
  3. A large focus of thie passige is on the role "hope" plays in the life of a believer.  The biblical view of hope is a "confident assurance" in God's plan, but this is not what most people mean by the term "hope".  Find an example of a non-biblical perspective of hope (movie, book, real life) and compare that view to our passage on Sunday.

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