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study questions for 11/28

Please be prepared to discuss these topics.


Romans 5:1-2


  • Verse 2 speaks of "the gracein which we stand." This speaks to future eternal security as well as current blessing. What are some of the current blessings of this grace?
  • We rejoice as we confidently look forward to the revealed glory of God. Which Biblical passages describe this glory of God in more detail?

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Questions for 11/7/2017

Please read the passage and be prepared to discuss the topics.

Romans 4:1-12


  • Let's come up with Biblical illustrations of people who tried to work for God's favor--people who did things their own way rather than believe and obey. They did not "walk in the footsteps of the faith that our father Abraham had."
  • Read verses 11-12 and give a summary in your own words of Abraham's fatherhood of those with the Law and without.


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