Study Questions for 10/17/2017

Take a moment to reread our text from Sunday and spend some time answering the following questions.
  1. Paul compiled several Old Testament quotations to demonstrate that the idea of universal sinfulness was not a new concept.  Choose one of the source passages listed below, study the context, and write a summary of how the passage contributes to Paul’s point (all of mankind is guilty before God) and why he might have chosen it.
  2. Paul is making the point that every human being is completely lost in their sinfulness.  The problem is not merely that people commit sin, but that they are enslaved to it.  Choose at least one other Scripture passages that supports this idea of our enslavement to sin.
  3. We have reached the end of a foundational section of the book of Romans.  Paul has been arguing extensively concerning the sinful depravity of the human condition.  Write a brief summary of this section (Romans 1:18-3:20) to help you crystalize the truth found here.  Focus on brevity.  Try to limit yourself to no more than 100 words.