Christ Is Everything - Philippians 1:18-26


Questions for discussion:
  1. Paul says that he does not want to be "at all ashamed" at his efforts to magnify Christ.  He wants to finish well.  Find another passage where Paul (or another author) expresses these same sentiments.
  2. We spoke at length on Sunday about the Christian worldview on death and how our perspective on death should differ greatly from an unbelieving perspective.  Find a passage that forms part of our worldview of death and find a secular source (song, movie, article, etc.) that demonstrates an alternative perspective.
  3. We discussed on Sunday that the way in which we magnify Christ will change through different seasons of our lives.  List a few concrete examples of how you have sought to glorify Christ differently as your phase of life has changed.
  4. Share any other ways the Holy Spirit has used our passage on Sunday to instruct you.