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Topics for 9/27

Please read the passage and be prepared to discuss the topics.

2 Peter 1:20-21

  • Last week we discussed ways in which God has communicated directly--How is Scripture different? How reliable is Scripture (form this passage or others).
  • What does the passage mean when it says writers were "carried along."
  • The Holy Spirit is reponsible for Biblical Inspiration. What else has he been responsible directly?

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Topics for 9/13

Please read the passage and be ready for a night of lists.

2 Peter 1:13-19 


[General Bible Knowledge Question] Peter is (spiritually speaking) putting his affairs in order. How many other "heroes of the faith" have similar moments?

[Beware Sneaky Lies Question] Peter says that he and his associates did not follow cleverly devised myths--what are some cleverly devised myths in Scripture?

[God Communicates Directly] Peter recalls hearing God directly on the Mount of Transfiguration. How many instances can you recall of God communicating directly (not through a human or animal intermediary?

Bring a list of your answers to the three catergories. We will scratch off duplicate answers Scattergories style and see how many unique answers you have.

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Topics for 09/06

Please read the passage and be prepared to discuss the topics.
  1. Verse 9 says that those who do not build Christian characteristics are blind--they have forgotten they were  previously forgiven from sins. What does this look like? What are the consequences of having a short spiritual  memory?
  2. Explain the phrase "confirm your calling and election."
  3. Is there a difference in the greeting certain believers get in heaven? Are some people more celebrated upon their arrival?

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