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Implications of the Incarnation

Please be prepared to discuss atleast one of these topics.

  1. The Book of Matthew (ch.1)  has the genealogy of Jesus through Joseph. If Jesus was born of a virgin (so Joseph wasn't technically his father) why does this matter? When else in Scripture does an "adopted" child receive rights?
  2. Does Jesus have normal responsibilities in Heaven (if so, what?)? Who was taking care of these things while Jesus was on earth as a man?
  3. Philippians 2:7 says that Jesus emptied Himself to become a man. Of what did He empty Himself? How was Jesus limited as a man?

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Christmas Fellowship

We're going to have an informal Christmas party this Tuesday in place of our normal small group meeting. This time of year, it seems like we all have too many treats laying around. Whether it's the triflavor popcorn tin, the Swiss Colony or Hickory Hams mail order gift, the cookies your neighbor sent over, or even a fruit cake, bring them to the church, and we'll enjoy a Christmas Smorgasbord together.

We'll be at the church and will start at 6:30 pm. That's a little earlier than we normally start since we realize kids need to get to bed for school. We'll plan to have some tables setup to play games, and we'll throw a movie on the screens for the kids or kids at heart. Come! Enjoy some treats and some time together.

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Topics for 12/6

Please read the passage and be prepare to discuss the topics.

2 Peter 3:14-18

  • While we wait for Jesus to return like a thief in the night, we are to lead spotless lives. Which songs remind us of this concept?
  • What important theological truth can we deduce from verse 16?
  • What connection is there between grace and knowledge
  • [Bonus Question] Besides v.17 where else do we see the phrase "carried away"?

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