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Historical Theology: Church Councils - Nicea 325 A.D.

The Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. is the most well known council for several reasons. The Council at Nicea in 325 A.D. (hereafter Nicea) was the first "ecumenical" council (meaning it was the first council that attempted to represent the leaders and thought of the entire post-apostolic church). Nicea is also very well-known because of its pivotal subject matter (the deity of Christ, the concept of the Trinity, and deity of the Holy Spirit, and the Oneness of God). This subject matter is still pivotal today, and detractors point to Nicea as the time when the mainstream church "invented" these doctrines. (That particular piece of bad history will be examined in further depth later.) This council was also the first instance the government's attempting to influence directly the teaching and practice of the church (using a method other than persecution or an attempt to exterminate). To say that the seeds for what would one day become the Roman Catholic Church were first sown here would not be too much of a stretch either.

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