Titus 2:14-15

"Let no one disregard you"

There is a guy who works for me who is amazingly efficient. He never wastes a moment. He never slacks off. Everything he does is focused on getting the job done. He is not the youngest, the strongest, or the smartest guy who works for me, but it is staggering how much work he accomplishes. I regularly send new guys down to work by him just hoping that they will learn from him, be inspired by him, or at least be shamed into working harder. Weeks when he is on vacation are very sad for me. He rarely speaks, but when he does, everyone listens--he has earned our respect.

When you read the Scriptures you can see that God is the ultimate in this type of efficiency and effectiveness. Every action, every word, and every story in the Bible are about God working toward His ultimate goal. There are no careless words; there are no wasted gestures.

So, when we think about the fact that Jesus became a man and died for us, we have to view it through the lens of what God is accomplishing. Did Jesus die for us to save us? Yes! Did He save us because He loves us? No doubt! Should we be thankful for His love and mercy? Of course we should, but if you walk away from this divine transaction with a heart full of thanks and resume life as is/was, you are missing the point. Jesus delivered you so that you would be passionate about serving others. You were saved to serve.

Furthermore, you were brought out of darkness into the light in order that you would share the gospel with others. You have been commanded by God to declare His salvation to those around you, and to do it with authority. This passage says that there can be no excuses. That is God's plan for you. That is why He is working in your life. Otherwise, when He saved you, He could have just taken you to heaven. You are on earth for a reason.

This chapter is largely focused on your behavior and how you live your life. This is why--your character is the currency that buys you an audience with those around you. If your life is a joke, if your testimony is in shambles, you lack the authority to speak with effectiveness, and you can be easily disregarded. "Let no one disregard you."

Titus 2:14-15  Our great God and Savior Jesus Christ gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works. Declare these things; exhort and rebuke with all authority. Let no one disregard you.