Titus 2:6


We have seen instructions for mature men and women, and then we saw directions for younger women. So, now it is time for young men. The young men get one command--be self-controlled. Now, at first glance this is humorous. The young women just received a whole laundry list of instruction, so why do the young men receive proportionately so little?

My first thoughts flew to basic stereotypes--young men are immature and young women are more ready to face heavier responsibilities. Perhaps that is true, but I think not. Young men are the lifeblood of a church. This is not because they are more important than any of the other three groups, but rather because there tends to be fewer of them. If you see a church with a healthy number of young men, the church as a whole is probably healthy.
I believe that there is a heavier responsibility with fewer instructions. When I have a new employee, I am very specific and detailed in my expectations for them. I will often write extensive lists for them. For my seasoned employees, though, on whom I lean more heavily, I say things like, "Make sure you get everything done tonight. Call me if you run into any problems." 
That is the feel of this command to the young men. You be self-controlled in every aspect of life: work, home, church, socially, as a child trainer, as a leader...we cannot afford to have you mess up.
If you are a young man who is a believer, we are all counting on you. You are strong. Be self-controlled. Carry the heavy burdens. Claim the weighty responsibilities. Step up and be what we all need you to be.
Titus 2:6  Urge the younger men to be self-controlled.