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Titus 3:8


All the teachings of the book of Titus (which greatly focus on personal behavior) are to be taken literally and applied to the everyday life of the believer. As much as our culture nods toward individuality and originality, in reality there is enormous pressure to conform.

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Titus 3:6-7

The management team of which I am part was recently shaken up. One guy moved on to another job, we got a new member, and others stayed with the team but were placed in new roles. One of my buddies was sent away for several days to a train for his new position. Now, my boss sent him to training expecting that when he returned, he would make an impact with his new knowledge. Why would the boss waste the time and money if he never used anything he learned?Read more ...

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Titus 3:1-5 (part 2)

The second thought about this passage is the fact that though we are called upon to act differently, we are responding to the mercy of God—we do not earn anything. If you think that you are earning God's favor by your actions, you are missing the point. If God saved you, it is because in His infinite wisdom He decided that is what He wanted to do. In awe and wonder we live out our thankfulness for His mercy.Read more ...

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Titus 3:1-5

Can a Christian be a curmudgeon? There is a popular Twitter account called "Church Curmudgeon." The account makes grumpy church jokes. It is legitimately funny, but can a real believer consistently be a grump?Read more ...

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