Romans 5:12

The next few verses will be an ongoing discussion of a theological concept called original sin. God created a perfect world and placed two perfect people in it. Adam and Eve lived perfectly in this perfect world for a time—no one knows exactly how long—until the day when everything changed. Adam and Eve were presented with a choice: they could continue to live perfectly in the perfect world God had made, or they could follow the direction of one of God’s other creations—Lucifer. Lucifer had rebelled against God and tried to supplant Him as God. Lucifer, AKA Satan, was thrown out of heaven. He then travelled to earth and tried (successfully) to recruit Adam and Eve to his point of view.
Satan’s view was that we should not be bound by God’s plans and wishes. Though He had created us, He had no right to rule us. So, Satan convinced Adam and Eve to rebel. This was “the Fall.” Adam (as our federal head, or representative) plunged mankind into sin. Every child fathered by a man since that point has been born with a “sin nature.” We are damaged at birth.
We like to say that babies are innocent and sweet, but it is not true. Think about it—babies are naturally selfish and demanding. No one has to teach a child to be greedy, unkind, or selfish. They come preprogrammed to do that. We have to work very diligently to teach our children to be kind, generous, and thoughtful. 
When Adam chose to defy God and believe Satan, God said the natural outflow of that was death.
Before the Fall there was no death. Now, that is the inevitable end of us all. Death is the natural consequence of rebellion. Adam’s choice affected us all.
Romans 5:12  Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned-

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