Titus 1:6a

Sometimes a phrase or slogan identifies you. Teddy Roosevelt was known for “speak softly and carry a big stick” in his foreign policy. If you hear someone say, “I have a dream,” you know they are quoting Martin Luther King. Certain companies are known for their slogans: “You’re in good hands with…” (I know you said it in your head).  How about, “_______   _______is mmm, mmm good.” (You know you want some soup now) My employer used to have the slogan “You can do it; we can help,” (which I loved) but we have now changed to “More saving, more doing” (which I love a lot less).
If you are a spiritual leader (especially in a church capacity) your slogan is, “I will be above reproach.” Paul will go on for the next few verses fleshing this thought out, but he starts with this phrase—“if anyone is above reproach” when he is describing to Titus the sort of person who would be a good leader for the people of God. 
When the enemies of the prophet Daniel tried to find a way to impugn him before king, they knew right away that they could not attack his character—he was completely above reproach. They attacked Daniel on a legal technicality because they knew his life was squeaky clean. A life like that takes discipline, dedication, and Spirit empowering which grows out of communion with God.
Examine yourself. Can you live up to that slogan? Though this passage is specifically targeted for church leaders, it is a worthy goal for us all. 
Titus 1:6  if anyone is above reproach…

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