Romans 15:8-12


When we consider life events or look back on different happenings, it is natural to try to find the meaning. Most times we simply do not know. Why do bad things happen? Why does evil exist? Why do good things happen? Why is there joy? In certain situations we will never have answers.
There are certain things we do know, however. When Jesus came to earth as a servant, the overarching goal was “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”  (Philippians 2:10-11)
There were, however, several more specific goals as well. First, Jesus came to fulfill all the promises which had been given to God’s people (“the circumcised:”). Also, He came to demonstrate God’s kindness to the Gentiles. The Jews had always thought that God was only for them, and many Gentiles thought they were right. What a thrill to realize that Jesus had broken down the barriers and enabled people from every nation, tribe, and tongue to share in His goodness.
Romans 15:8-12  For I tell you that Christ became a servant to the circumcised to show God's truthfulness, in order to confirm the promises given to the patriarchs,  9 and in order that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy. As it is written, "Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles, and sing to your name."  10 And again it is said, "Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people."  11 And again, "Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles, and let all the peoples extol him."  12 And again Isaiah says,, "The root of Jesse will come, even he who arises to rule the Gentiles; in him will the Gentiles hope."


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