Jesus-the Triumphant King

This week's message touched on the fact that Jesus will return triumphantly to rule and reign on earth. For our weekly assignment we were challenged to read three passages (1 Corinthians 15:19-26, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17, and Revelation 19:11-16) and to write at least 8 lines of poetry based on them. Here are a few poems.

I hear a command ringing forth from above.

I see the Word of God, leading a white horse,

Descend upon earth; a warrior dove

Come to steal me away. A holy divorce 

From the world I have served is soon to come,

I know, for a trumpet blast fills the air

And the dead arise to meet the Mighty King.

Within his startling eyes I see the flair 

Of fire saved for the burning of nations

And the scorching of the devil's horde.

I watch with wonder, excitement, patience,

Holding out for the call of my Lord. 

I close my eyes and wait with baited breath,

For the final enemy to be destroyed, death.

Soon returns our King of Kings

All his saints will be following

There needn't be any trembling

About those who've already felt Death's sting

Those who have slept will be risen first

Before Christ returns to deal his worst

The Pride of the opposers will be burst

For acceptance from Christ they will always thirst

Jesus, our King, is the glorious One

He will destroy all dominion

Of the Evil King whose reign is a pun

Christ will rule with a scepter of iron

Last enemy Christ will destroy is Death

He will give His children eternal breath

He is the Rider known as Faithful and True

He returns soon. He returns for you.

God came first in abject poverty, born a King where only animals feed.

He lived a life of absolute perfection in thought, word, motive, and deed.

Tempted by Satan as our Second Adam, He won where the first Adam fell.

The sinless Savior bled on the tree to be our Great Rescuer from hell.

Since the Great Fall, death reigned from Adam, and in Adam every man had died

Till Jesus, the Firstfruits of saints gone before, conquered death, and the grave He denied. 

God will come again in terrible might, riding His mighty white steed.

With a crown on his head, a robe soaked in blood, and a name only He can read.

Jesus the Almighty Warrior, called the Faithful and True, commands the armies of heaven.

With the name "King of Kings" tattooed on His thigh He rules with a rod of iron.

He pours out the winepress of his fury and wrath on those who refused His free grace,

And in terror and fear all the nations cower and hide from the light of His face. 

God will come at last with the cry of an angel, the all-powerful shout of command.

The trumpet will sound, and all who now sleep will rise up and take Jesus' hand.

And those who are alive shall never taste death, we will rise and dance in the sky.

Caught up in the clouds together we'll reign with our Savior forever on high.

Until that great day we have the Great Hope that Jesus is coming again.

With heaven ahead, and death robbed of power, we can be the most joyous of men.

We look forward to the day

When our guilt is wiped away

By the Creator, the Supreme King,

The nations can't help but sing.

Christ returning, no man knows the hour

Far above all rule, authority, and power,

Chosen, elected, loved in spite of me

Death is consumed in Victory.

All angels exalting in song on cue

To exalt the Savior called Faithful and True.

Jesus will return triumphant, heroic,

The eyes of the world will see and will know it.

He'll come on a horse in a garment of white,

The armies of earth will all gather to fight.

Out of his mouth will come a sharp sword,

The vic'try secured by the Word of the LORD.

We'll follow on horses in linen-both white.

The Son is our sun, no more death no more night.

So until He returns we wander and roam

On the earth as we serve Him-we know it's not home.

He's coming one day , truth and peace He will bring,

The LORD of all lords, the King of all kings.

In Adam we are all sinful men,

But Christ, He came to die.

With Him we can reign on high.

For in Christ we live and do not die like men.

He has conquered sin and the grave.

Let us praise Him, worship, and sing.

He is holy, almighty to save,

The Lord of lords and King of kings.

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