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Historical Theology: Church Councils - Nicea 325 A.D.

The Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. is the most well known council for several reasons. The Council at Nicea in 325 A.D. (hereafter Nicea) was the first "ecumenical" council (meaning it was the first council that attempted to represent the leaders and thought of the entire post-apostolic church). Nicea is also very well-known because of its pivotal subject matter (the deity of Christ, the concept of the Trinity, and deity of the Holy Spirit, and the Oneness of God). This subject matter is still pivotal today, and detractors point to Nicea as the time when the mainstream church "invented" these doctrines. (That particular piece of bad history will be examined in further depth later.) This council was also the first instance the government's attempting to influence directly the teaching and practice of the church (using a method other than persecution or an attempt to exterminate). To say that the seeds for what would one day become the Roman Catholic Church were first sown here would not be too much of a stretch either.

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Adoption: Part of God's Family

There are many words that describe God's saving work in the life of the believer.  There is justification-the legal act of God whereby we are declared righteous, our sins forgiven, and Christ's righteousness given to us.  There is regeneration-God's opening a person's blinded eyes and changing him into a new creation.  There are many other terms we could discuss: election, sanctification, glorification, just to name a few.  But there is one term that I think often gets overlooked in the discussion of salvation, and that term is adoption.  Its unpopularity is due in large part to the fact that many treat it as little more than a synonym for salvation.  But the concept of spiritual adoption holds tremendous meaning that is often overlooked.Read more ...

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Cognitive Dissonance

My undergraduate degree was in counseling/psychology, so I have read hundreds of chapters and articles on various areas of the human psyche. Frankly, from a Christian perspective I find much of what I "learned" to be little better than guesswork at best and complete rubbish at worst. However, there are a few psychological concepts that I believe to be valid and helpful. One such concept is cognitive dissonance.Read more ...

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Peter, do you love me?

This week I have been meditating on the story of Jesus asking Peter if he loved Jesus. As I read through it several things had a deep impact on me. I remembered the first time I ever truly grasped the importance of understanding the vocabulary in the passage, and also I was struck by the tenderness that Jesus shows to Peter despite Peter's recent rejection of Jesus.Read more ...

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