15 Singable, Doctrinally Rich Songs For Congregational Worship

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine who is a pastor about the music program at his church. My friend expressed his continuing desire that the church use a musical style that would enable his congregation to participate joyfully and exuberantly. We also considered the texts of the music typically employed and the necessity for music with rich, doctrinal depth. Out of that conversation grew a desire to compile a list of songs with the following criteria:

  • Modern style to enable exuberant participation of the congregation
  • Significant, rich, doctrinal depth of text
  • Style that lends itself to congregational singing (both music and lyric)
  • Existence of a modern recording that provides a significant addition/alteration (There are many wonderfully rich hymns with modern, singable settings that are well known. My intention with this list was to highlight newer additions or less known works)
  • Obviously, nothing that contradicts our music philosophy

I’ve provided links to the full text of the lyrics and to as generous of an audio sample as I could find for each of the songs. I’ve also provided links to sheet music for download for free (first choice), download for purchase (second choice), or physical copy for purchase (third choice). For a few of the songs (notably the ones performed by Caedmon’s Call) I was unable to find sheet music (fourth choice).

I tried to use sites that seemed to be as stable as possible to protect against moved/broken links. Also, at the time of the posting, none of the sites linked to displayed any inappropriate material or contained any malicious software, but we cannot be held responsible for the contents of sites outside our control. Please exercise wisdom in this matter.

Please do feel free to notify me of broken links or inappropriate content via our contact information. Also please let me know if you have or know where to procure any of the sheet music I’m missing. Think I left out a “must-have?”  Contact me, and I’ll be glad to check it out!

Title Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
Before the Throne of God Above Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
How Deep the Father’s Love for Us Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
In Christ Alone Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
My Savior, My God Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
Thy Mercy   Lyrics Audio
The Look Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
Only Hope   Lyrics Audio
A Debtor To Mercy Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
The Wonderful Cross Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
Mercies Anew Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
The Power of the Cross Sheet Music Lyrics Audio
Complete In Thee   Lyrics Audio
I Boast No More   Lyrics Audio
Oh Lord, Your Love   Lyrics Audio
Wonderful, Merciful Savior Sheet Music Lyrics Audio

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