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Oasis strives to be a source of help and information for anyone who is interested. We have a variety of resources divided into four main categories--theology, reviews, history, and sermons. The Theology folder contains theological studies. The Reviews folder has synopses and evaluations of books and music albums. The History folder contains articles related to Church History. The Sermons folder consists of sermons that are preached in services at Oasis. New articles should arrive periodically.

small group assignment 12/18/2011

The following project, taken from the sermon on Sunday, is intended for discussion at our Tuesday night Small Group meeting and for discussion in individual families throughout the week.

  • Find an event where Jesus attempted to deflect attention from himself.
  • Craft an argument of at least 3 points for why he did it.

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Small Group Assignment 12/11/2011

John, the Gospel Writer, recalled with clarity and emotion the first time He spent time with Jesus who was to become his Savior.  Have you ever had such a special time? Write a brief paragraph describing a time of close, personal interaction with Jesus.

Jesus renamed Simon to "The Rock" (Peter) in this passage. He predicted the change that was to take place in Peter's life over the ensuing years. Peter was challenged to become what He had already been made in Jesus Christ. Find another passage that invites us to become in reality what we have been declared to be in Jesus Christ.

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Small Group Homework for 12/06/11

Poetry – Find a story about a non-biblical historical character who learned about God and could no longer be the same. Write 12 lines of verse about his/her transformation. 

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