Pastor Drew Sutherland

Pastor Drew headshot

Born in Jacksonville, NC, into a large, ministry-focused family, Pastor Drew has been involved in gospel outreach since childhood. 

Drew went to Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC at the age of eighteen. The summer after his junior year Drew travelled to Eastern Europe with a group to minister in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. That same year Drew met his wife, Katie, in Spanish class. They now have a daughter, Anna, and three sons, Henry, Granderson and Lindan.

Drew received a Bachelor of Science in Counseling with a Minor in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology, and a Master of Divinity in Theology from Bob Jones. During his graduate education, Drew worked as a stage manager for Bob Jones Academy's auditorium/performance hall. This position (and others) have taught him to think quickly on his feet and have given him a knack for operational oversight, or the ability to see "the big picture" at first glance. Drew's specific responsibilities at Oasis (in addition to the general shepherding and overseeing responsibilities that all pastors share) include the aforementioned operational oversight, weekly preaching ministry, and stage management.

Pastor Chris White

Pastor Chris Headshot

Pastor Chris was born in Houston, Texas, where he, his parents, two of his four siblings (of whom he is the second oldest), and the majority of both extended families resided until Chris was four years old. When Chris was four, his father accepted an offer to teach on the business faculty of Bob Jones University, and the immediate family moved to Greenville, South Carolina. The majority of Chris' extended families still live in the Houston, Texas area.

Chris attended school from Kindergarten through Seminary at Bob Jones. Chris has been and remains an avid fan of both playing and watching baseball and basketball. He enjoyed these sports throughout his educational career. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Bible with a Minor in Speech, a Master of Arts in Bible, and a Master of Divinity (ministry concentration). For three summers during his undergraduate education, Chris worked as a camp counselor in Northern Michigan. At camp he learned valuable lessons about hard work, mentoring, difficult conditions, and exhaustion in the ministry. Camp also provided Chris' wife, Tiffany, who has, in turn, provided his daughters, Michaela and Addisen (with a third on the way), and his son Noah.

During his senior year of undergraduate study, Chris interned for 12 weeks at Community Baptist Church in Greer, SC. This internship flourished into a position on pastoral staff at Community, and it was during his time on Pastoral staff that Chris developed relationships with Pastors Joe and Drew. As these relationships developed, God began to impress on the men the desire to minister together, and the result of that burden is Oasis of Truth Church. Chris' specific responsibilities at Oasis (in addition to the general shepherding and overseeing responsibilities that all pastors share) include weekly preaching ministry, the education department, and hospitality.