Philosophy of Outreach

We believe that the church has the honor and responsibility to care for the people that God has placed in its local area. Further, though it is obvious that the church has a duty to provide help and care to those who come to the church seeking help, we believe that the church has a responsibility actively to seek those in need of the ministry of Jesus in their lives.

Thus, Oasis of Truth Church believes that Jesus expects His followers to use the resources that God has entrusted to them in the service of others. Jesus expressly stated (Matthew 25:36-46) that when one cares for a person in need, it is as if that deed had been done for Jesus Himself. Conversely, when one ignores a person in need, it is as though Jesus Himself had been in need and was ignored. This type of action flows from a mindset that Jesus described during His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:19-34). Jesus warned His followers not to spend their time trying to gain wealth in this life. Rather, believers are to use their resources to store treasure in heaven. This is achieved by selflessly giving of one's self to better another's situation. The believer must have a mindset that God will provide those things that are necessary-the believer need not worry. He must spend his time and energy attempting to advance the kingdom.

When one demonstrates the mindset of caring for others more than one's self (Philippians 2:3), spiritual interaction is the natural result. The mighty works which Jesus did (healing the sick, feeding the hungry, etc.), though offered unconditionally, did in fact lead to opportunities to share the gospel (John 9:35-38).

The purpose of all outreach at Oasis of Truth Church is to demonstrate and share the love of Jesus Christ to the people of our area. We heartily encourage our people to show creativity and courage in inserting themselves in the fabric of our community. We believe that the relationships that result from loving interaction with those in need demonstrate Christ's love and afford opportunities to share the gospel in a concrete way.

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